Small Business Saturday Gift

by brngckn on November 26, 2011

In honor of small business Saturday, order any Hoopy Thoughts hoop today, Saturday 11/26/11, and receive a F*R*E*E tape upgrade. 2-color hoops become 3-color hoops and 3-color hoops become 4-color hoops, all at no charge to you.

It is my honor to have you as a customer. Thank you!

Kirsten Tucker is a certified Level 1-3 Hoopnotica hoopdance instructor, Level 1-2 BodyHoops instructor, HoopChi certified instructor, Senior T-Tapp Trainer/Trainer Mentor, 10 year personal trainer, play advocate & Certified Laughter Leader. She offers hoop classes and training in NW Houston and worldwide. Founder of Houston Spin Stars hoop Meetup group, she thinks hoopy thoughts every day.

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  • Karyn

    I am so excited to have found your site!  I have been looking for someone in the Houston area to teach me all the cool tricks you see in the Hoopnotica videos.  I know what I’ll be asking hubby for for Christmas :)  

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